Monday, February 8, 2010

missing my weekend

well, the snow has ceased to fall...for now. a guess they are saying a few more inches over teh next few days. meh.

we had a great weekend. i ordered the decals on friday for baby's room, and they were shipped on friday afternoon - talk about fast! we will see when they arrive...

went to a birthday party on friday night-it was fun! jackson had a great time and marc was able to help out in a crisis. who knew geotracks were so complicated?

saturday we cleaned and got some things done...we now have a new playroom and office and craft space! woo hoo! SUCH a huge difference. huge. we will be able to stay organized and i can finish working on some projects. we will now have a space to host overnight guests, too. i worked a short shift and my new store (LOVE it!) and got some really cute maternity clothes. also picked up a new diaper bag, a gift from my mom. i love it already!

sunday i headed to joann's and got some fabric. some is going back. TODAY. it's totally wrong. finished a few new style burp cloths and a cute cute onesie for baby. i still have to make a shirt for jack's birthday party next week. and finish up a few loose ends for a shower i am helping out with.

whew! a busy but very productive weekend. :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy weekend! Have a great week.