Thursday, February 25, 2010

kiss off!

i feel like that is what the boy is saying to me lately.
it's hard to parent when you don't feel like you are on the same page as your partner all the time...especially when you're sure the other has never even cracked the book. it's a hard transition to let it go when you are the one home with your child and you know what works and what doesn't. and it's frustrating when the unhappiness is obvious in your child.
we had an easy baby. quite possibly the easiest ever. when my sister came to see him at 6 weeks old, she frantically called her husband, in a 3-hour time difference to tell him "todd! you would NEVER beleive this baby! it's unfair!"
we are encountering some struggles. and the worst part? they are things that are 100% my fault, and i can admit it. myy bff tries to be reassuring and tells me "it's a learning experience!" but i still feel awful.
but at least i can admit it....but it doesn't make me feel better.

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  1. Hugs! I don't know what it's like to parent my own child but I can tell you it's super hard to parent someone else's. I'm positive you are doing a great job!!! Hang in there. He's just so stinking adorable...who could resist? :-)