Thursday, February 4, 2010


so this morning i worked hard on some craft projects i have been putting off. i sewed 2 burpcloths for a dear friend who is expecting twin boys on the same day as my girl :) and swed 2 burpcloths for my little one! they are cutey!

i also used an awesome tutorial to make a changin pad cover for 2.0's room. it came out adorable and was SO SO SO simple. i am going to make more....this time with a little more flare! i can't wait.

i feel like time is approaching so fast, there are so many things i want to do!

color samples came in the mail today for 2.0's wall decals. the etsy seller is fantastic so far, and i will be sure to update when we order.

hopefully m will hang the door(s) this weekend and then i can paint them. i also scored a playmat from a friend for only $10 this week (i felt like i was robbing her, but that is what she asked for it!) and another friend mentioned that she read on here that i was looking for the crib soother. low and behold, she has one, new in the box and is giving it to me at a hefty discount. thanks, amber and miriam!!!

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