Monday, September 20, 2010

food for thought...

a man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle. -benjamin franklin

i like this quote.

makes you think...

Friday, September 10, 2010

changing frames

it's been a while. i admit. things have gotten in the way!

i was changing out picture frames today. we are overhauling things in our home, and we couldn't be more excited. out brand new siding got approved finally! so now we have a new roof AND new siding. it will make our house look great. and with the new driveway that is scheduled to go in this!

anywho....changing out the frames to put in new pics of our beautiful new baby, i found older pics that had just just been moved to the back of the pile. it made me think of all things i have been before, and made me so very thankful.

there was a picture of me as a student, getting my college diploma. i have been a college student, having the feverish experience of choosing a university, any one that i wanted, and moving in. having my parents waver in the doorway, not sure whether to stay or go, and hugging them goodbye. the feeling of being alone, in a city i knew nothing about, in a state where i knew noone. learning to trust only myself. spending holidays alone. i got to be an all-american college freshman. with every opportunity at my fingertips.

there was a picture of my husband and i, engaged. the happy smiles and sparkly diamond as we planned for our future. i got to be be the fiance, planning my wedding. to a man whom my parents adored, supported, and loved from the first day.

there was a picture of us at our wedding. the beautiful dress, the incredible flowers. the gorgeous day, surrounded by all of our family and friends. the cake, the food, the photographs. the happy, happy memories. the remembrace of the loved ones who were not with us that day, either because they had passed from age, or simply had gone too soon. i was walked down the aisle by my dad, and i remember the tight grip he help on my fist, and the tiny pats he gave me as we wiped his eyes. i remember the first time i saw my husband cry real tears. i got to be the bride.

i put in a picture of my sweet little girl in that frame. i thought of how lucky i am, to be the mother to two healthy, gorgeous children. a boy and a girl. sweet and perfect as can be. we were able to welcome them into our lives, send birth announcements, enjoy them each and every day. i haven't had to work a traditional job, and have had them by my side for almost 4 years. i've been able to witness thier firsts, the lasts, and the in-betweens. i got to be a mommy.

i've been wondering what else will go in that old, dollar-bin frame. i can't wait to see all the things i will get to be.

i'm a lucky girl, who truly appreciates every opportunity i have been given. and i can't wait to give those opportunities to my children.