Thursday, March 25, 2010

progress...i guess

the shelves are up. don't tell marc, but i secretly like them. :) the doors are up, but no knobs yet, as the holes in the doorframes where the knobs would close are at a different height, thus making more work and delaying the project. sigh....such is life for the A team. i still need to paint them and the entire hallway and stairs...but it will happen. i will post pics soon after the job is done!

i have been eyeing some nursing accessories i would like to have. i need all new bras, and would like to try a cople nursing tops/tanks this time around. last time i had no need, as our ventures out of the house were well-timed and i always nursed before we left or once we got home. i didn't work and had no other obligations other than jack. this time around i will be working (very very part-time, but working nonetheless) and pumping at work. i will also be out and about with activities for my busy jackson, and i want to feel comfortable so i don't deprive him of having fun because i have to nurse claire.

we have been cashing in our mail-in rebates and doing some focus group studies and have been buying my items with that cash. it's been really nice. i was going to buy a new manual hand-held pump, but found out my insurance will provided one of these as lond as my dr. prescribes it. score!

medela sent me new tubing and i cashed in some reward points with my bank and got a 25 dollar gift card to BRU. bought a few baby items with that, and a coupon from buybuybaby and hardly spent anything. nice!

we get paid 3 times in april, so we will have a nice chunk of extra money to keep for extra a few months of a higher insurance premium until we switch our plan, diapers, and whatever else we may need. i can't even begin to say how nice that is to have.

marc has a work person who has offered to replace our shower/tub/hardware for an insanely cheap price, and we just may take him up on that before the addition arrives. we would just have to buy the tub/shower and the fixtures. plus we would replace the laminate and possibly the sink. the total would still be under 1K, start to finish, so i may have to see just how much we can pinch to come up with that. it won't be easy, but....i would geek out to have it done. it would change my life.


  1. Things certainly are progressing!

  2. love scoring deals and making money off stuff i wouldn't otherwise...

    you've been on my mind a ton latley.

    hugging you via this typing.