Tuesday, March 16, 2010

9 weeks!

9 weeks is all we have left until claire arrives. i can't believe it.

i have been busy preparing and planning. it's so hard to plan when you have other tings looming overhead.

anyhow...marc is installing the new door on her room and in our room as well. he is also building MONSTER shelves in the garage to house all of our holiday decorations and his tools. this will free up MUCH needed space in the basement. once that is done i can paint the doors and the upstairs hallway claire's trim.

i need to exchange the rug in claire's room....it was voluntarily recalled. it's a quality issue and once it was in the room, i didn't love it anyways. so that's a good thing!

i got an extra costco coupon and bought 2 boxes of wipes and will buy 2 more next week (that will be close to 2k wipes! eeek!). i also bought a giant bottle and refill of stain spray to keep by each laundry chute. i plan on grabbing another one of those (or 2) as well.

i plan on using a gap friends and family coupon this weekend and getting her coming home outfit. i changed it. again. it's super plain but more functional.

i ordered her a hat too. the etsy seller was FAB and made me 4 little round doilies to send as samples and i am in love. the hat should be shipped today. (swoon!)

and to add to the list of things i said i would NEVER do, i may buy some baby legs. ugh. we will see.


  1. Dude. When you buy Baby Legs I am going to LAUGH MY ASS OFF.

  2. Busy girl!!!!

    I can't believe it's almost time. :-)