Monday, January 18, 2010

please keep me accountable

and by having a baby NOT let me put those bands with bows/flowers/large obnoxiousness on her head. they are just silly.


  1. AWWWW hehe... you can be girly girl EVERY once in a while... doesn't have to be too often :)

  2. Some people think they're cute....including myself.
    You may feel differently when you have a girl.

    It cuts takes away the idiots that call her a boy even when she's dressed in pink and has her ears pierced!

  3. @tash - lol. i just don't find them cute...and you can't stop the idiots thinking ANY kid is the opposite gender. haha!

    @simi - she will be dressed like a girly girl...just without the ridiculousness sticking out on her head! :)

  4. ooo... as a mom of 3 girls... I like them. Big big ones not so much, but some are downright cute.

  5. My girls could never wear them - they have small heads, I guess. The ones that came with cute oufits they wore were always too big.