Thursday, June 10, 2010

(may 17)

on may 17th, 2010, we arrived for my c-section at 6am. my mother had flown in a few days before to hang out with jackson, and my mother in law was in town to help.

we arrived and i was prepped and ready. i was so nervous, but excited to be done - i ad been so swollen and had the heartburn of the devil!

i had a TON of anxiety surrounding the spinal, and when they took me out to get me ready, i took one look at marc and burst into tears. i was really crying hard by the time i was sitting on the table (which, by the way, was about 6 inches wide) and i was crying HARD. as in, sobbing into a towel. it took them over 5 tries to get the spinal in and my crying was putting everyone on edge. i was so terrified.

finally marc came in and i was throwing up really, really, really bad. they gave me "something to calm me down" and i continued to throw up. they gave me some anti-nausea meds, but they didn't work. they made me really tired and i started to nod off. i felt nothing but a slight feeling of someone tapping on my bellybutton and my whole body shook back and forth as they took her out.

he came out and SCREAMED. they brought her over and all i remember is telling marc "she looks like jack." and she did. and then she peed on the floor.

i fell asleep shortly after seeing her and was in and out of consciousness for the next 6 hours. i remember bits and pieces of the rest of the day, but not the majority.
i had some new pain relief methods and didn't need anything by the time i left to go home. i was walking with no pain by the 3rd day in the hospital. the nurses were incredible and i became friends with several of them. they hung out in my room a lot! i sent claire to the nursery every night...except she didn't make it there. the nurses kept her at their station! i stayed an extra day and it was 100% worth it. the extra time to recover was priceless.
jackson is doing so so so well and we couldn't be more proud of him. he is truly the most incredible little boy i have ever met.


  1. Congratulations, Sarah!! I'm so glad everything is alright now, but what a scary experience. ((HUGS))

    I'd love to hear about your pain relief methods...sounds like your recovery went WAY better than mine and I have a feeling I'll need it for next time...

  2. I am so happy for you all. She's beautiful!!!!